Infrastructure services

We live by our passion to consult, deliver, implement and support IT solutions, which benefit and promote our clients’ businesses. Through divisive strategy, we can deliver a competitive advantage, and accelerate business goals and objectives.

Our technical consultants regularly speak and meet with our clients to discuss new and exciting technologies that will enhance business performance. We like to stay ahead of the curve by introducing the newest and best technologies on the market. And because we’ve got the in-house, hands-on experience of day-to-day delivery – combined with industry-leading knowledge – we can create solutions that work across all business sectors.

Our belief is that in today’s business climate, which is full of uncertainty, it’s never been more important to embrace change – especially in our approach to technology.

Every requirement is different. Every circumstance is different. And most importantly, every organisation is different. Therefore, it’s imperative your technology partner is flexible enough to adapt as your business objectives change.

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Case study

Since the introductions of our new IT system, we’ve seen, on average, a 56% quicker project delivery time thanks to Convergent Technology. The new system has removed a lot of unnecessary steps, letting us move quicker and serve more clients.