Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider

As one of Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Providers (CSP), we help streamline the way you buy and manage Microsoft’s cloud solutions. From on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, all of your IT can be wrapped up in one contract, supported by a single point of contact. Making Office 365, Azure and Enterprise Mobility Suite simple to access and use.

At Cross Systems, we know Microsoft licensing can be daunting and feel restrictive. Creating a feeling of being locked in. CSP is designed to change that. We will take the pain out of cloud licensing and will give you a flexible contract that is defined on your terms. Covering: Azure, Enterprise Mobility and Security, and Office 365. As your CSP partner, we’ll ensure you get the most out of these platforms and only pay for what you use. 

Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft® Azure® Stack delivers the world’s first truly inter-operable hybrid cloud, enabling organizations to consume and deliver Azure cloud services regardless of location. Now you can realize the flexibility, agility, and hyper-scale of Azure while maintaining the security, customization, and control of a single-tenant environment

Cross Systems has the expertise, experience, and support you can trust to help you implement Azure Stack.

Cloud Services 

Whether you’re looking to stabilize, migrate, improve or innovate, we’ll work with you to make the most of this innovative technology from vendors such as Microsoft and HPE. Together we’ll focus on what you need. From consultancy to implementation, management and support, realize your cloud potential with us.

Legal Sector

Case study

By making a move to cloud-based computing, we’ve seen savings of over £125,000 on global support. The new system lets us access everything we need from anywhere in the world, and gives us access to the most innovative technologies available.